Our services range from initial provider practice start-up to full revenue cycle management. We will efficiently set up any providers practice while smoothly collecting their money from insurance companies. We understand the complications and headaches of operating a medical practice; that's why A&B Billing Associates will work far beyond just billing claims.  

We offer the following complete Practice Management Services for no HIDDEN fees:  

  • New Practice Start Up

  • Credentialing and Contracting with Insurance Carriers

  • Electronic Billing System Solutions

  • Electronic EHR System Solutions

  • Medical Coding Verification

  • Customize Coding Cheatsheets

  • Research and Identify billing errors

  • Insurance Verification / Obtain Authorizations 

  • Claim Scrubbing

  • Daily Claim Submissions (including paper claims)

  • Bi-Weekly Claims Follow Up

  • Appealing incorrect insurance payments and denials

  • Mail monthly statements to patients