Provider Consultation

At A&B Billing Associates, patients are not just patients...they are extended family and they require their physician's focus and the highest level of personal care of medical treatment. We are always eager to lend a helping hand to doctors enabling them to keep their practice's reimbursement workflow consistent and error-free. 

Whether an independent provider or staffed practice, our goal is the same, to enable and support providers with the best billing processes which translate to support to providers whose goals are to ensure their patients receive the best quality of medical care available. 

Our Consultation Process

To get started with the medical billing and coding services that we provide, simply fill out the "Provider/Practice Questionnaire Form".


After the form has been filled out, click the submit button and we will receive your information.

Once we receive your questionnaire form, we will evaluate your requirements and schedule a meeting to discuss and demonstrate how our services can be designed to meet your business needs. 

** NOTE: Private health information should not be sent using this form.